One Step Closer – The Museum Concept and Business Plan has been Approved

The association presented its museum concept and business plan to the Wegner Museum board members and to the board members of the Friends of the Wegner Museum. Both the concept and business plan were received warmly by both boards and are now con rmed. The Association is now working on a layout for the museum […]

New book published: “Craftsmanship In Tønder”

In 2022 The Association for the Establishment of a Hans J. Wegner Design Museum was asked if they were interested in using the surplus funding left over from the now defunct Chas Otzen Foundation to publish a book about craftsmanship in Tønder and Wegner’s connection to it. The Association agreed to this. The publication entitled […]

New Chair Acquired For The Museum Collection

In June 2021 the Wegner Museum received an important furniture design donation to the collection by Jens Mouritzen and Marianne Wegner. The furniture design is of a Windsor Chair type. It is a spindelback chair made of beech wood that was never put into production. The spindelback chair was made by Fritz Hansen in 1946 […]