The Wegner Museum is based on a vision to create a living platform related to the knowledge and various narratives that directly or indirectly are connected to Wegner’s work as a furniture designer.

It is the museum’s aim to contribute to an increased national understanding of the quality and importance of Danish craft and design.

At the same time it is the museum’s ambition to contribute to an increased internationalisation of Danish craft and design. This will occur through an active internet program for online visitors.

The museum also wishes to attract international guests to the museum for an analogue experience through an ambitious exhibition program and unique museum building.

The museum plans to focus on Wegner in a global design context. This will be achieved via research on an international level and through cooperation and exchange programs with foreign museums including loans from the museum’s own collection.

In regard to the local perspective the museum shall be a dynamic year round institution. With its pleasant architectural atmosphere, exciting exhibition program, cafe and spaces for events, it will become a popular meeting place for the local residents of Tønder.