Sonja Miltersen Chairman
Director Tved Consult

Kasper Holst Pedersen
Director PP Møbler

Lotte Gotthardsen
Web Coordinator Møbelhuset 2

Peter Tholstrup
Expert Appraiser at Bruun Rasmussen Auctions

Bo Jacobsen
Co-Owner of Møbelhuset 2

The Association for the Establishment of a Hans J. Wegner Furniture Design Museum was founded in February 2020 by nine individuals including the heirs and copyright holders of Hans J. Wegner Design, Marianne Wegner
and Eva Wegner.
The purpose of the association is to investigate the possibility of establishing a design museum in Tønder dedicated to its native son, Hans J. Wegner.
The association exists for three years. In the course of this time the association wants to develop a concrete proposal for a museum concept in order to be able to pass the responsibility for a museum on to an actual board of directors.